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Capacity Building Strategy

Early childhood is the stage wherein education has the most influence in children’s development and ECEC education personnel plays a crucial role in the process. In this context, teachers and other education personnel working in early years and primary education settings influencing children’s learning environment and opportunities, represent – in an alliance with parents and families – strategic figures with a high-level impact on the quality and inclusive provision of ECEC. However, a number of persisting challenges continue to affect the education personnel in the ECEC and obstruct the education system. Therefore, establishing high quality standards in the initial qualification requirements and continuous professional development for education personnel in ECEC is the cornerstone to establishing a well-qualified workforce in this sector. Thus, Capacity Building Strategy complements the Gender Competences Framework for Education Personnel in Early Years’ and Primary Education Settings proposed by the BEYOND project partners by assessing the capacity of education personnel to overcome gender biases and stereotypes in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and highlighting the existing challenges and gaps they face in obtaining and employing the gender competences. Furthermore, following the findings of the various activities organized in the framework of the BEYOND project, the Strategy proposes a set of recommendations on overcoming these challenges and creating the necessary conditions to build the capacity of education personnel in early years and primary education settings to implement the gender competences proposed in the Framework.