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Learn how to start building gender equality from early years and join our efforts.

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[...] now we know our brains are highly plastic, and for so much longer than we once thought, our attitudes and behaviour must be linked not only to nurture rather than sex, but to life itself: to all that we do and experience down the years
Gina Rippon

BEYOND project – European project financed by the REC – Right. Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission aimed at building Equality from early Years through training Opportunities for Educators, New competences to Deconstruct gender biases in ECEC settings, and a renewed alliance with parents and families.

BEYOND project is a 24-month initiative promoted by 6 partners from Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Belgium to contribute to tackle gender stereotypes in education and early childhood education.

The main aims of the project are to:

  • increase the awareness of educators and parents/families in how attitudes and behaviours are influenced since the really beginning by the social expectations linked to boys and girls;
  • reinforce the capacity of ECEC professionals in removing gender bias, thus offering actual equal opportunities to boys and girls;
  • support progress towards gender equality, intended as a value and fundamental human right;
  • boost the potential of boys and girls by raising awareness and tackling gender stereotypes in ECEC settings.

BEYOND foresees as main activities:

  • Mapping of effective practices and pedagogical approaches to counter stereotypes and discriminations;
  • Analysis and definition of the expected competences of ECEC teachers and supporting staff on how to counter gender stereotypes and unconscious biases in early childhood education provision;
  • Design of the project capacity building strategy and training offer;
  • Planning and piloting of ad-hoc educational and play-based activities aimed at removing gender stereotypes and bias;
  • Information and awareness-raising activities targeting families.
  • Development of Policy recommendations.



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    Project co-funded by the REC – Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union Id. n. 101005472