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Standard of competences

The Gender Competences Framework for Education Personnel in Early Years’ and Primary Education Settings proposes a minimum standard of competences, that Early Childhood Education and Care professionals should develop, while also suggesting a set of indications and suggestions for action to counter gender stereotypes and unconscious bias in early childhood education provision and first years of primary school.

The document outlines the conditions that the BEYOND partners consider beneficial for the development of the full and unique potential of each and every child, by detailing the key principles and elements of competences and professional performance of early years’ and primary school educators, teachers and other education personnel necessary to support the overcoming of gender bias and stereotypes.

The competences framework is aimed at investigating and better defining the underlying principles of the ECEC education personnel’s competences in a specific area of children learning, related to gender equality as a matter of civic skills and human rights, also in light of their pathways in becoming the next generation of adult citizens. In this section, it is possible to download the Gender Competences Framework in English, Italian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian and Greek.