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Policy Recommendations

It is clear that European and national policies need to focus more on ensuring all persons’ right to education free from gender bias and stereotypes from the very early age: both in the policy frameworks and their implementation and monitoring. This document therefore proposes a set of policy recommendations that have been elaborated in the framework of the BEYOND Project.

It targets key education stakeholders in Europe, including education trade unions, competent policy makers and family/parents representing bodies, and complements the Gender Competences Framework for Education Personnel in Early Years’ and Primary Education Settings and Capacity Building Strategy developed by the BEYOND project partners, by outlining the fundamental proposals for ensuring the gender equality dimension in all European and national policy frameworks both in education and employment relevant for early childhood and primary education, focusing in particular on building the capacity of education personnel and other key stakeholders in education to build gender equality from early years.

These policy recommendations also include a “Lessons learnt” section with tips on how to adopt and transfer the BEYOND suggested approach of promoting gender equality in ECEC and primary education in European countries, as well as success stories section with examples of national strategies on promoting gender equality in education and employment policies on ECEC and primary education.