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Educational Institution/Organization

Secondary School Lumalas Korca


Albania, Korca City

Area/s of intervention

Access, Workforce, Curriculum


The main objectives of the Practice aim at: ascertaining and enhancing the meanings of basic concepts in relation to gender belonging and development in education; increasing awareness of the participants regarding gender integration in education and giving another new perspective on this issue.

Short description of the activities

The Practice has been carried out during commemorative international and The Practice has been carried out by adopting pedagogical approaches such as active participation onsite and online, practical activities, sharing experiences, analysis of situations at school/kindergarten and home. Moreover, questionnaires have been delivered to children and interviews have been conducted with their educators, parents and siblings. Children were also involved in role games (e.g. “My family” game) enabling them to solve a problem situation with simulated gender roles as well as engaged in the analysis of the poems and tales that they have learned. In this way, efforts have been made so that in classrooms of early childhood education, boys and girls have been appointed to do tasks that in the family are considered to be for the other gender in order to diminish the inherited stereotypes.

The Practice has contributed to

  • Improve access to quality ECEC services and in an inclusive way
  • Support the professionalisation of staff working in ECEC contexts, including managerial staff
  • Enhance the development of curricula based on pedagogical goals, values and approaches that enable children to reach their full potential in a holistic way.

Target group

Children from 3 to 6 years old (Overall: 21, 13 females, 8 males); ECEC teachers (5 females); Parents of the children (8 females/9 males)




School year 2019-2020


Secondary School Lumalas Korca


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