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Educational Institution/Organization

IC “A. Gramsci”


Italy, Lazio

Area/s of intervention

Access, Workforce, Governance & funding


The main objectives of the Practice aim at overcoming gender stereotypes, supporting raise-awareness activities on gender equality issue in the early childhood education sector, promoting mutual respect between children as well as fostering their upbringing within a bias- and prejudice-free educational environment.

Short description of the activities

The Practice has been carried out during commemorative international and national days (e.g. World Kindness Day, World Children’s Day, International Day for the elimination of Violence against Women, International Day of Education, National Day against Bullying and Cyberbullying) by involving children in storytelling, peer-to-peer and brainstorming activities using tools such as interactive whiteboard and PC as well as innovative-based methodologies. Specifically, the electronic devices were used to show children videos/images related to the topics of the aforementioned days. After watching these contents, children have participated in thought-provoking activities during which they were able to express freely their thoughts and feelings (by talking, drawing and working in small groups) with regard to the commemorative day’s topic. Teachers have adopted the “circle time” methodology, which helps to develop positive relationships between children. Specifically, “circle time” consists of everyone sitting in circle, teachers included, and carry out a wide range of activities such as co-operative games, talking and listening exercises which foster the active engagement of all children.

The Practice has contributed to

  • Improve access to quality ECEC services and in an inclusive way
  • Support the professionalisation of staff working in ECEC contexts, including managerial staff
  • Ensure adequate funding and a legal framework for the provision of ECEC services.

Target group

Children from 3 to 5 years old (Overall:135)




School year 2020-2021 (ongoing)


IC “A. Gramsci”


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