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Reading without stereotypes

Educational Institution/Organization

Various Italian schools


Various regions of Italy

Area/s of intervention

Access, Workforce, Curriculum, Governance & funding


The main objective of the Practice is to create an observatory to promote gender equality between children adopting as a starting point illustrated books as one of the main tools for countering gender biases from a very early age, since reading a book is considered as an authentic occasion of dialogue, discussion and self-discovery.

Short description of the activities

The project core activities are training courses and seminars on deconstructing gender stereotypes addressed to teachers and members of the educational staff. Moreover, an online database has been set up, which is regularly updated, collecting illustrated books boosting a gender equality perspective and approach in the early childhood education sector. The books of this e-catalog are chosen through the exchange and sharing of ideas and impressions between the participants of the training courses and seminars, in order to spur their active engagement in the identification and collection of books which particularly promote positive models and best practices to be applied.

The Practice has contributed to

  • Improve access to quality ECEC services and in an inclusive way
  • Support the professionalisation of staff working in ECEC contexts, including managerial staff
  • Enhance the development of curricula based on pedagogical goals, values and approaches that enable children to reach their full potential in a holistic way
  • Ensure adequate funding and a legal framework for the provision of ECEC services.

Target group

Teachers and other staff members operating in the education sector


National/Public funding, EU funding, Private funding


Since 2012 (ongoing)


Scosse Association


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