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Area/s of intervention



To show children that all of them are a fundamental part of an entirety, and they all have access to any role in that entirety

Short description of the activities

Boys and girls build a machine, and each boy and girl have to be a part of the machine.
For example, if the children aim to build a car, you will have: a child being the engine, a child being the wheel, another being a seat, etc. Each child can take each other’s place and be a different part of the machine.
The final result is that children have learnt to cooperate to build a whole machine, where each piece is fundamental to build it in its entirety.

The Practice has contributed to

  • Promote cooperation among children
  • Show boys and girls that each of them is a fundamental part of a larger group
  • Show boys and girls that any of them can be any component of the machine, therefore can play any role in the group

Target group

Boys and girls of pre-primary and primary school




30 to 45 minutes