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Play cards-find the matching pair

Educational Institution/Organization



Larnaca, Cyprus

Area/s of intervention


Monitoring & evaluation   


To encourage children to develop the mechanisms that prevent stereotypes from negatively affecting their mind and put barriers regarding their wishes, capacities and capabilities on forming their future and the role in society, in their family or their future profession.

Short description of the activities

Different decks of cards were placed on the floor or on the tables in the classroom. The cards depict people of different genders and ages (men, women, children) performing the same task, activity or occupation.
The coordinator asked children to choose a card, look at it carefully and then find the child holding the matching card.  When all children had their pairs there was a discussion, facilitated by their educators, on what each child thinks that is represented on the cards they had, the equal roles of men and women in the family, the capabilities and capacities that they all have, that they need to explore and improve to become whatever they want in the future, what is Gender Equality and how negative stereotypes affect peoples’ lives.

The Practice has contributed to

  • train children on how to recognize the unconscious bias and the stereotypes that might negatively affect them today and in the future;
  • learn to respect each other in every way and not to let anyone stand in their way to building their future as they want to.

Target group



Private funding


45 minutes – 1 hour


Elena Odysseos, Ioannis Ioannou