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The Hjalli Model

Educational Institution/Organization

14 kindergartens in Iceland (11 municipalities)



Area/s of intervention



To educate boys and girls equally on competences and emotions, avoiding the action of gender bias

Short description of the activities

The methodology is based on creating single sex educational settings, adopted for most of the time in school. This serves to liberate boys and girls from traditional gender-roles and stereotypical behaviour, and to ensure to both girls and boys equal attention from the educators, and opportunities. The children receive training in all human qualities, thanks to the gender-based curriculum. The curriculum comprehends various courses, each one running for four weeks at a time and is reinforced throughout the child’s entire education. Specifically, children are trained to kindness, joy and positivity, to be creative and resilient, and to democracy in respect and freedom.
The focus of the Hjalli model is on empowering gender through compensation work, so children become independent and self-assertive individuals, but they also gain a positive, tolerant and compassionate disposition towards themselves and others.

The Practice has contributed to

  • Prevent the occurrence of gender bias in the classroom setting;
  • Empower boys and girls equally to learn and develop as human being;
  • Foster bias-free attitudes in boys and girls.

Target group

Boys and Girls from pre-primary and primary school


National/Public funding

Private funding


Ongoing – since 1989