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I fly with you

Educational Institution/Organization

Various Italian schools


Various regions of Italy

Area/s of intervention

Access, Workforce, Curriculum, Governance & funding


The main objective of the Practice is to transform a book into an authentic occasion of dialogue, discussion and self-discovery. In this way, it will be improved children’s self-confidence, increased the awareness on gender issues as well as promoted relationships avoiding and reducing stereotypes and prejudices.

Short description of the activities

“Volo con te” is a workshop/lab for children, based on the homonymous book “Volo con te”, which was written by the children’s writer Sabina Colloredo. During the workshop/lab, children explore the theme of stereotypes by playing and reading the book, doing pedagogical and playful activities in order to try to understand together stereotypes’ limits and how to counter them. The focus groups arranged, which involve teachers, parents and children, are aimed at identifying the stereotypes to which everyone may be subjected to and at stressing the importance of freedom of choice, as well as promoting an intergenerational dialogue that stimulates the personal and relational development of each individual.

The Practice has contributed to

  • Improve access to quality ECEC services and in an inclusive way
  • Support the professionalisation of staff working in ECEC contexts, including managerial staff
  • Enhance the development of curricula based on pedagogical goals, values and approaches that enable children to reach their full potential in a holistic way
  • Ensure adequate funding and a legal framework for the provision of ECEC services.

Target group

Children, families and other members of the educational staff


Private Funding




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