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Who is the project addressed to?

Considering that early childhood years are critical for cognitive, social and emotional development of boys and girls, the project involve and engage all the relevant stakeholders that have key roles to take social and gender discrimination out of early childhood education and replace it with empowerment (Strong foundation for Gender Equality in ECEC – UNESCO, 2007): educators and teachers, parents and families, public authorities.

Most educators at country level and in Europe have had no training in gender issues in education and thus are not aware of how bias impacts on their own behaviour first and on the development of children they work with. There is, therefore, a need of enabling, mainly ECEC educators and professionals, to design, experiment and implement corresponding and innovative practices.

Parents share the responsibility of ensuring equal opportunities to their children together with educators, and, same as educators, lack awareness of how the gender bias influences the perception and development of their own children in most cases.

Public authorities need to be aware of the relevance of applying gender equality in early childhood education, so that they can promote it through public policies.